Inventory Management System in Source Code

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        1.       Inventory Management System
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FOR Client and Server System Source code in with SQL Server, 
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Inventory Management System in VB.Net

Welcome to my blog

  • My Inventory Management System portal,  is developed in VB.NET and Ms-Access 2003, with multiple features.
  • My Inventory Management System is suitable for any business such as Fancy Store, Mobile Store, Retails and Wholesale Shops,General Stores, Furniture Shops, Electrical Shop, Show Rooms,Stock Items.
  • My software also support accounting system. You can register all type of vouchers, such as purchase, sales, payment, receipts, contra, credit note, debit note and etc..
  • My Software also have multiple form of company systems, to enable various type of invoice system.

Brief Introduction to my Inventory Management System in Vb.Net Source Code

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Inventory Management System in VB.NET Source Code 


  • My Inventory Management System supports more form of Invoice and Multiple Printing Layouts 
  • Multiple Invoice Entry (Various Forms of Invoice are allowed, See Screen Shots for more details)
  • Vouchers (Purchase Invoice & Voucher, Sales Invoice & Voucher, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, etc)
  • Accounts and Account Groups
  • Purchase Invoice ,Sales Invoice, Purchase Returns Invoice, Sales Returns Invoice
  • Stock Management 
  • Stock Groups
  • Supports MRP TAX Discount format
  • Automatic Cash and Credit Billing
  • Discounts
  • VAT Taxes and VAT Forms
  • Transactions Reports
  • Production
  • Day Book and Cash Book   (With Multiple options) 
  • Ledger Management  (Ledger can be grouped with Account Groups)
  • Customize Printing  (Invoice Format can be changes as you require) 
  • Printing in Multiple Paper Size
  • Support Printing schemes
  • Rich Reports  (Transactions, Day book, Cash Book, Group Summary, Vat reports, Voucher Reports, Ledger Reports, Ledger Balance Sheet and more) 
  • Auto Backup and Restore  (Automatically Backup and you can also restore ) 
  • and much more

For your kind information, Please see the demo videos for more clarification

Please See

Please See

You can see my demo source code videos and also software output videos


Inventory Management In Vb.Net

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